The Theory & Practical Application of the Bandhas

“Essentially, bandhas are about slowly getting control and locking your energy the way you want. Bandhas are employed to gain control of your energy system.”

Sadguru, ISHA (Institute of Inner Sciences)

Bandhas are a set of yoga techniques knows as ‘locks’ or ‘seals’. They are commonly used in hatha yoga to support the physical postures (asana) and to seal in the breath, and Prana (lifeforce energy) in Pranayama.

This 2 hour Masterclass will explore the theory of bandhas – why we should include them in our yoga practice, and when to use them.

In-depth instruction will be given on how to correctly apply the three individual bandhas – Moola, Jalandhara and Uddiyana, plus the combination of all three – Maha Bandha.

This workshop is suitable for Yoga Teachers, Student Teachers, and Yoga Practitioners with over 2 years of experience. Yoga Teachers can count this event as a 2 Hour CPD session.



Date : Sunday 28th June, 2020

Time : 6.30-8.30pm GMT / 12.30-2.30pm CDT

Venue : Online using Google Meet conferencing

Cost : £18

Includes comprehensive PDF notes

Yin Yang Yoga Workshop

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