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January 2022

Philosophy : The concept of atha. Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.1

Pranayama:  Effortless Rhythms

Meditation : Variation of Metta Bhavana/Loving Kindness with Heart Radiation Breath

Mentoring : How to use Singing Bowls and Tingshas

Mantra : Devi Jagoma Bhakti Style


February 2022

Philosophy : The concept of iti – the ending of the Sutras.

Mentoring : Opening and closing statements for your Yoga Classes. What to use, how to pronounce them, and what they mean.

Pranayama:  Anuloma Ujjayi

Meditation : Chakra Loka Meditation & Mantra

Mantra : Om Namah Shivaya

March 2022

Mantra : Exploration of the Shanti Mantras. In depth analysis of the Pavamana Mantra/Asato Ma with Vedic and Bhakti styles of recitation.

Sanskrit: Word roots and pronunciation of the Pavamana Mantra.

Pranayama:  Kapalabhati Variations

Meditation : Deep Peace meditation based on the Thousand Petalled Lotus.

APRIL 2022

Mantra : Sarvesham – second part of the Shanti Path

Sanskrit: Root words and pronunciation of Sarvesham section

Pranayama:  Developing Breath Control

Meditation : Mindfulness of Breathing

Mentoring: How to Introduce chanting into your classes

PLEASE NOTE: This recording is AUDIO only. PDF Notes & slides are included. Reduced price of £8 only.

May 2022

Philosophy: The Mantra Kosha – Spotlight on Annamaya Kosha

Pranayama:  Mahat Yoga Pranayama – focus on Annamaya Kosha

Meditation : Body Awareness Meditation

Mantra : Ganesha Gayatri

Yoga Nidra : Focus on Annamaya Kosha

June 2022 – Summer Solstice Practice

Pranayama:  Kapalabhati & Savitri/Solar Rhythm

Mantra : Surya Bija Mantras for Surya Namaskar

Sanskrit: Gayatri Mantra translation, philosophy & pronunciation

Meditation : Gayatri Mantra Meditation

Breath & Movement: Surya Pranayama Mudra

July 2022 – Guru Purnima Practice

Philosophy: Guru Purnima & the Role of the Mentor

Pranayama:  Subtle Nadi Shodhana

Meditation : Cultivating Subtlety sounding ‘a’ (Vigyana Bhairava Dharana 67)

Mantra : Guru Mantra Japa

Mantra Meditation : Creating a Garland of Sound – Om Namah Sivaya deconstructed


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