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Exploring the Inner Limbs of Yoga

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TUTOR: Julie Hemmings – Senior YAP Tutor & Trainer, BWY Tutor

Mantra & Meditation Training Course

“Mantra is a parking space for your mind. It allows you to put your thoughts to rest for a while …… As thoughts arise, you come back to the Mantra ….. as you practice more, it begins to work on you”.

Rameshwar Das, Love, Serve, Remember Foundation

 This Training Course will take you on a journey of exploration, theory and practice of Mantra and Meditation.  You are invited to delve into the Songs of Yoga, to experience their subtle energies, and to understand Yogic Chanting in all its forms. The practice of Yogic Meditation will be explored and developed using a variety of classical and contemporary techniques. Underpinning the course will be the ‘Inner Limbs’ of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

“Yoga is not Yoga if it does not develop the mind towards meditation and link the practitioner to the Infinite”.


The course will offer you the opportunity to understand and experience Vedic and Sutra Chanting, Japa, Bija and Kirtan. The Sankrit language will be explored in detail with an emphasis on pronunciation.

This training will inspire you to develop a daily practice of chanting and meditation, and to feel confident to introduce it into your teaching.

The 6 day course is spread out over 6 months, with a 4 week gap between Tutor Days to give you time to learn, develop and understand the Practices. The Tutor Days are a mix of theory, practice and discussion, while your home practice is a mix of Mantra Chanting and Meditation.

I have a deep passion for the practices of the Inner Limbs of Yoga : Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation, and I hope to inspire this passion in you too.

Course Details

Course Aims
  • To understand the theory of Meditation
  • Learn a variety of contemporary and classical Yoga Meditations
  • To understand the theory of yoga as set out in the last 4 limbs of Patanjali’s Sutras : Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi
  • To understand the theory and practice of Mantra
  • Learn a variety of traditional mantras
  • Understand and experience the different styles of mantra: Vedic, Bhakti, Japa, Bija
  • Learn entry points and preparations for successful meditation
  • Develop a personal Mantra and Meditation sadhana/practice
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit Mantras and Sutras

Due to the continued COVID restrictions, this course will be delivered fully online.

Course Dates

Saturdays: 9.30am to 4.00pm (our last session will end at 4.30pm).

Course Starts: 20th March, 17th April, 15th May, 12th June, 10th July, 7th August 2021

Fees: Early Bird – before 20th February, 2021 : £440 / Full Fee : £490.  For more booking information see below.

Tutor: Julie Hemmings

Julie is a Senior YAP and BWY Tutor with over 24 years of teaching experience. She began her meditation practice in earnest  over 26 years ago at the local Buddhist Centre. She has studied on many residential courses at the Mandala Yoga Ashram, and under the guidance of the resident Swamis, has explored in depth the Gayatri Mantra, The Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Tattwa Shuddhi, Prana Vidya, Durga Path, Ajapa Japa, and Antar Mouna, in addition to many, many blissful hours spent chanting many, many mantras.

Julie has a regular personal Mantra and Meditation practice, plus consistently integrates the techniques into her regular classes and workshops. She teaches the CPD Day ‘Mantra & Meditation‘  and the YAP Accredited 150 Hour Pranayama Training Course.  She is also one half of Joyful Heart Kirtan, a Midlands-based duo bringing Kirtan events to the local area.

During Lockdown in 2020 she started to learn and study the language of Yoga –Sanskrit.

Course Requirements

This Training Course is open to fully qualified Yoga Teachers and interested Yoga Practitioners with over 4 years of regular yoga experience.  It is recommended that you have a good working knowledge and practical experience of Pranayama. This is a very practical course, and you will be expected to complete between 30 and 60 minutes of daily meditation and chanting. 

To qualify for certification of the Mantra & Meditaiton Training Course, you will need to:-

  • Attend 80% of the training days (5 out of 6 days). In exceptional circumstances, if a training day is missed, you may be able to attend the day on a future course if space is available, or have additional one-to-one tuition (fees apply).
  • Complete 30-60 minutes of Personal Practice at least 5 times per week for the duration of the Course
  • Complete a Practice Diary for each day of Personal Practice
  • Complete all assessments as given throughout the duration of the course by the deadlines provided.  Non-teaching attendees do not have to complete the teaching assessments.
  • Course Assessments consist of: 1 x extensive essay, 3 x short written pieces, 1 x lesson plans and 1 x recorded teaching practice.


Meditation practices are a way of drawing aside the curtains of the mind and peering inside.

Swami Nishchalananda 

Course Provision

The training course consists of:-

  • 6 full days of Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Tutor and Accredited Trainer Contact from 9.30am to 4.00pm with an hour for lunch and short breaks in the morning and afternoon. The final session will close at 4.30pm.
  • Online Learning Portal with additional resources and further tutor contact via the Group Forum.
  • Full Training Notes provided in comprehensive PDF format.
  • Assessment and feedback of all work submitted.
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the training, plus digital badge for Yoga Alliance UK tutors.
  • A maximum of 16 participants on each course.
  • For this Training Course, I have also developed an Online Learning Portal – a password protected web page with downloads, videos, MP3s and additional resources for each session.
  • There will also be a Forum to ask questions and receive additional guidance from myself and your fellow course participants and the opportunity to join a dedicated What’s App group for each Course.

Not quite sure?

I’d be happy to chat with you to help you decide if this training is right for you. Please call Julie on: 07983 714848

Terms & Conditions

CLICK HERE to read the full Terms & Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policy, Booking Procedure and Code of Conduct. Please read these Ts & Cs before completing your application.


  • The Sanskirt Alphabet
  • Theory of Meditation
  • Theory of Mantra
  • The Role of Pranayama in Meditation
  • The Role of Relaxation in Meditation
  • Vedic Chanting
  • Sutra Chanting
  • The Inner Limbs: Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi
  • Ajapa Japa
  • Gayatri Mantra : Theory & Practice
  • Ayur Mantra
  • Bija Mantras & Chakras
  • The Mantra Om – Theory & Practice
  • Surya Mantras for Surya Namaskar
  • Japa Meditations
  • Understanding a selection of the Main Deities
  • Devi Suktam
  • Breathing Meditations
  • Maha Mantra
  • Devi Gayatris
  • Vigyana Bhairava – Theory & Practices
  • Yogic Theory of Mind
  • Walking Meditation
  • Durga Path – 32 Names of Durga
  • Nirvana Shatkam
  • Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan – Theory & Practice
  • Meditation & Mantra for Emotional Healing
  • What is Consciousness?

Course content may vary slightly depending on the requirements and experience of each teaching group.


Due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions, I will be offering this Course as a fully online, interactive experience. The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, and you will receive the same quality of teaching and resources that the in-person training has.
The training is delivered via Zoom, and offers us the opportunity for interaction, questions, topic presentations, and connection via video conferencing. The fee is reduced to reflect the lower expenditure. The group will be limited to 16 participants to retain the quality of experience. To reduce screen fatigue, each session will consist of no more than one and a half hours, with a break in between each.

March 2021

Online via Zoom


9.30am to 4.00pm Final Session ends at 4.30pm


Saturday 20th March 2021

Saturday 17th April 2021

Saturday 15th May 2021

Saturday 12th June 2021

Saturday 10th July 2021

Saturday 7th August 2021

Spaces Left: 4

 Course Cost

Early Bird Fee£440 (before 20th February 2021)

Full Fee – £490

Deposit (non-refundable) to secure your space – £100

Payment Plan is available. Please contact me for details.


breathe. smile. love.

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