The Songs of Yoga

An Introduction to the Theory & Practice of Chanting from Vedic, Tantric & Bhakti Traditions

100 Hour Mantra Training Course

Mantra : The Songs of Yoga

Chanting runs through each and every form of yoga. It enhances our asana, regulates our breathing, quietens the mind and fills our body with radiant energy. It is the thread that links all the classical texts, from the Vedas and the Sutras to the Tantric Puranas.

The sacred mantric sounds fell from the Divine source, were ‘heard’ by the Rishis whilst in trance states, and formulated into the cohesive body of Mantras that still exist today, forming an unbroken chain of sound energy stretching back to the Vedas. Each sound is precisely and exquisitely formed, creating powerful vibrations and connecting us back to this Divine source.

The ancient sages tell us that repeating a Mantra, placing it into our mind, our heart, and into the essence of our body, will eventually reveal its meaning to us.

Mantras can heal, they can bring enlightenment, they can calm and quieten the troubled mind, they can bring forth and manifest, and also create a shared sense of connection as we tap into this universal energy sound form – not only in our current time frame, but also stretching back to those original Vedic sounds.

This Training Course will take you on a journey of exploration, theory and practice of Yogic Mantra.  You are invited to delve into the Songs of Yoga, to experience their subtle energies, and to understand Yogic Chanting in all its forms. The course will offer you the opportunity to understand and experience the theory, history and practice of Vedic Chanting, Tantric Shakti Mantras, Japa, Bija, Bhakti and Kirtan. The Sankrit language will be introduced with an emphasis on pronunciation.

This training will inspire you to develop a daily practice of chanting, and to feel confident to introduce it into your teaching.

Chanting is a transformational practice. These energetic sounds will gently work on your mind, body and spirit, slowly chipping away that which needs to be released.

If you have nurtured a desire to work with Mantra, but didn’t know where or how to start, or if you want to gain confidence to introduce mantras into your teaching, this course is for you…….

Check out the video below for a taster of my teaching style and the quality of the content that you can expect on the course.

“I’m currently doing Julie’s Mantra & Meditation course and it’s been absolutely wonderful. The depth of the course has been extraordinary, learning about Sanskrit pronounciation and different types of mantra has really enhanced my own practice. I’ve been really impressed by the quantity and quality of the materials provided – plenty to keep me going well beyond the end of the course!

Julie’s attention to detail is amazing and it’s clear that she is teaching from her own personal experience of mantra and meditation. Her passion and own understanding shines through. And I am finally sticking to a meditation routine after many years of trying!”
Current Course participant Felicity Pryke

Course Details

The next scheduled course will be in the new Modular Training format. This gives you a more flexible and affordable option during these difficult times. Each element of the Course can be taken as a stand-alone training, building the modules to eventually create the full course. For details of this new available training, please click the button below:

“There hasn’t been a moment that I didn’t LOVE the mantra and meditation course with Julie. It has been an amazing ride, challenging, loving, eye opening, grounding, reflecting but mostly Julie has given me powerful practices to guide me to myself so I can navigate life to my full potential. She has taught different types and styles of meditation and mantra so there was always a practice I connected with. To be able to work with the practices for a longer period of time has helped me to understand them on a deeper level. Julie has been an absolute rock: patient, caring, listening, and always there to answer questions. I’d definitely sign up for another course with her in the future, she’s a wonderful and very knowledgeable teacher.” Ingrid van Oostrom – Summer Course Graduate

The letters of the Sanskrit alphabet allow the human mind to interface with the primal energies of cosmic intelligence and receive its deeper insights.

David Frawley

Course Provision

The training course consists of:-

  • 6 full days of Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Tutor  Contact from 9.30am to 3.30pm with an hour for lunch and short breaks in the morning and afternoon. The final session will close at 4.00pm.
  • 4 Recitation Evenings of one hour to develop chanting skills.
  • Online Learning Portal with additional resources and further tutor contact via the Group Forum.
  • Full Training Notes provided in comprehensive PDF format.
  • Assessment and feedback of all work submitted.
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the training
  • A maximum of 16 participants on each course.
  • For this Training Course, I have also developed an Online Learning Portal – a password protected web page with downloads, videos, MP3s and additional resources for each session.
  • There will also be a Forum to ask questions and receive additional guidance from myself and your fellow course participants and the opportunity to join a dedicated What’s App group for each Course.

Not quite sure?

I’d be happy to chat with you to help you decide if this training is right for you. Please call Julie on: 07983 714848

Terms & Conditions

CLICK HERE to read the full Terms & Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policy, Booking Procedure and Code of Conduct. Please read these Ts & Cs before completing your application.


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Session 1 - Introduction to Sanskrit & Mantra

1. The Theory of Sanskrit

2. Sanskrit Pronunciation – Consonants, Vowels and Dipthongs

3. The Theory of Mantra

4. The Devata – The Gods and Goddess of India and why we chant their names

5. Spotlight on Saraswati

6. Saraswati Mantras

7. Personal Practice Guidelines

Teaching Hours : 5 Hours

Personal Practice : Approx 7 Hours


Session 2 - Bija Mantras & Om

1. Bhramari and the ‘Violet Hum’

2. Sanskrit Pronunciation – Semi Vowels, Anusvara and Visarga

3. The Theory of Bija Mantras

4. The Chakra Bija Mantras

5. The Theory & Practice of Om

6. The 16 Matrika – ‘The Divine Mothers’

7. The Importance of Grounding

8. The Mantra Purusha

9. The Sanskrit Asya and the Tattwas

10. Chakra Bija Meditation

Teaching Hours : 5 Hours

Personal Practice : Approx 7 Hours


Session 3 - Vedic Chanting & Gayatri


1. The History of the Vedas and Vedic Mantra

2. The Ayur Mantra

3. The Theory of Gayatri Mantra

4. Practice of Gayatri – with Svara and Ekasruti

5. Patanjali Sutra Chanting – a selection of sutras

6. Saha Nau Vavatu Mantra

7. Deity Gayatri Mantras

8. Gayatri Meditation

9. The Shanti Path

10. Sanskrit Grammar – Sandhi and Noun Declension

Teaching Hours : 5 Hours

Personal Practice : Approx 8 Hours


Session 4 - Tantra, Shakti Mantras & Japa

1. The Surya Mantras

2. The History and Theory of Tantra

3. Shakti Bija Mantras

4. The Theory and Practice of Japa

5. The Theory and Use of Malas

6. Goddess Shakti Mantras

7. Devi Suktam

8. Japa Meditations

Teaching Hours : 5 Hours

Personal Practice : Approx 8 Hours


Session 5 - Tantra, Bhakti & Kirtan

1. The History and Theory of Bhakti

2. Understanding Krishna

3. Nyasa

4. Understanding Ganesh

5. The Theory and Practice of Kirtan

6. Understanding Rama, Sita & Hanuman

7. Practical – Devotional Chanting/Kirtan

8. The Yogic Timeline

Teaching Hours : 5 Hours

Personal Practice : Approx 10 Hours


Session 6 - Shiva, Durga & Mrtyunjaya

1.  Mahesvara Sutras

2. Nirvana Shatkam

3.  Spotlight on Shiva

4. Mṛtyuñjaya Mantra – Theory & Practice

5. Spotlight on Durga

6. Durga Path – The 32 Names of Durga

7. Pujas, Artis & Havans – the Rituals of Yoga

8. Developing a Personal Mantra Sadhana

9. Teaching and Integrating Mantra into yoga classes

Teaching Hours : 5.5 Hours

Personal Practice : Approx 10 Hours

Why do we Chant?

“We chant to join our voices to the voices of countless seekers, worshippers, mystics, and lovers of life, in every time and in every place, who have shared in sacred song.

We chant to fill our hearts and fill our homes with loving and peaceful vibrations of sound.

We chant because it’s fun.

We chant to help the stress and freneticness of our busy lives melt away.

We chant to spread our wings and let our soul take flight.

We chant for the sheer joy of letting our God-given voices sing out.

We chant for the heartful communion that we feel with others when we come together in song.

We chant our prayers to God, so that our lives may be graced by more intimate Presence of the One known by so many names.”

Robert Gass ‘Chanting : Discovering Spirit in Sound’


breathe. smile. love.

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