Awakening Mind, Body & Spirit though Mantra

Sunday 6th December, 2020 – 7pm

“The fundamental feature of all mantras is sound vibration. These vibrations act to awaken awareness, devotion, insight and wisdom, to heal ailments and help us fulfil our aims. Thus they are of value in every sphere of our lives”.   Swami Nishchalananda


Mantra Evening

This two hour class will awaken and enliven every cell, nadi and neurone through the use of sound. Mantra chanting can be used for simple or more complex aims. At it’s basic level, it helps to stop the chatter of the mind. On a deeper level, we are tuning into the underlying cosmic vibration of the Universe. Chanting can energise the body, purify the nadis, prepare the mind for meditation, and even heal and protect us.

The sessions will aim to introduce a variety of different styles of chanting, and integrate them into all the elements of our Yoga practice. Each session will have  a selection of the following:-


  • Simple mantras and seed sounds with Asana
  • Mahat Yoga Pranayama with mantras
  • Japa Meditation (repetition of Mantra)
  • Vedic Chanting
  • Bhakti Chanting
  • Devi Mantras
  • Chakra Chanting
  • Kirtan
  • Mantras from other Traditions
  • Short Yoga Nidra

The sessions will be held online via Zoom. While this isn’t the best way to experience sound and chanting, it does give the opportunity to engage and enjoy the benefits of Mantra. And if you have ever been reluctant to do any chanting in public, this is your time to experience it in the privacy of your own home!

These sessions are open to all:-

  • Qualified Yoga Tutors
  • Student Yoga Teachers
  • Experienced Yoga Practitioners who want to deepen their practice
  • Anyone interested in Chanting and Sound


SUNDAY 6th December, 2020

Times:   7.00-9.00pm

Cost:  £10

Tutor:  Julie Hemmings

To book your place, please click the link and complete the online booking and payment form.

About Julie Hemmings 

Julie is a Senior Yoga Alliance Professionals and BWY Tutor with over 24 years of yoga teaching experience. She is passionate about chanting and runs regular CPD days and training courses on Mantra, Meditation and Pranayama. She developed a daily chanting practice many years ago as a regular attendee at the Mandala Yoga Ashram. She is also one half of Joyful Heart Kirtan, a Midlands-based Kirtan group.

Meditation and Mantra Training Day
BWY Yoga Teacher

“I attended the online mantra workshop with Julie Hemmings. I really loved it and got alot out of it which has stayed with me. It was a beautiful and enriching revelation. It has been a source of space and grace in these interesting times”.

“I had assumed that the time elapse and echo would ruin any chanting but with all microphones off it worked so well.  The atmosphere was amazing, particularly the mantra using malas.  Please thank Julie for a very special session – which I hope will be repeated!”


Joyful Heart Kirtan

breathe. smile. love.

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