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For the whole month of August you can purchase each bundle for £29 each.

These Meditation Bundles offer you a downloadable MP3 Audio Recording for each practice, along with PDF Notes with a detailed explanation and theory of each meditation. The notes also offer you the opportunity to develop your meditation technique by following the script at your own pace, your own time and your own style.

The recordings with help you to begin a meditation practice if you are a beginner, or to develop your current practice. If you are a Meditation Teacher, these resources can broaded your repertoire. There is a selection of traditional and contemporary techniques using a variety of focal points to harness the unruly and distracted mind. You can download the audios to your phone or laptop and use them as part of your daily routine.

Cultivating mindfulness is a proven technique to help with a variety of conditions, to ease our stress and to calm our minds.

There are two Bundles to choose from: Introduction to Meditation and Developing Meditation.

Meditation Bundles

Each bundle purchase includes an On-Demand MP3 audio recording and a comprehensive set of PDF Notes with the practices, techniques and theory broken down. See each bundle for a breakdown of the content.


This bundle is ideal for beginners. It starts with two introductory techniques that are a great preparation for meditation. The following three practices are beautifully simple ways to get to grips with the process of mindfulness.

1.  Kaya Sthairyam – Body Stillness :  Developing physical stillness as a preparation for longer meditations. (13 minutes)

2.  Body Awareness Meditation : Concentration on the physical sensations of the body, developing subtlety. (17 minutes)

3.  Breath Awareness Meditation : Cultivating stillness of the breath using Ujjayi Breath and developing still points. (17 minutes)

4.  Mindfulness of Breathing I : Cultivating focus and concentration using breath counting. (10 minutes)

5.  Mindfulness of Breathing II : Cultivating focus and concentration using alternative breath counting (7 minutes)

Sale Price : £29 (Usual price £39)

To purchase the bundle and have immediate access to the downloads, click the button below:


This bundle is ideal for those wishing to develop their meditation techniques. The practices get progressively more complex and progressively longer, ending with a 40 minute meditation.

1.  Body Healing Meditation : Bringing awareness, compassion and healing to various areas of the the body. (22 minutes)

2.  Emotional Healing Meditation : A wonderful technique to overcome challenging or overwhelming emotions. (15 minutes)

3.  Cultivating Global Peace Meditation : Utilising the Thousand Petalled Lotus technique and then developing the expansion of Peace using breath and imagery. (17 minutes)

4.  Heart Expanding Metta Bhavana : Cultivating a heart radiation breath pattern and expanding into a powerful variation of the Metta Bhavana/Loving Kindness Meditation. (40 minutes)

Sale Price : £29 (Usual price £39)

To purchase the bundle and have immediate access to the downloads, click the button below:


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