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Our time, and our attention, is becoming more and more precious. We are always looking for options to reduce our stress, maximise our days and keep on top of life.

These on-demand recordings offer a variety of topics to help you get the most out of every day. If you are a Yoga, Meditation or WellBeing Teacher, you can find some unique content for your groups in the Beyond Asana and Elements of Relaxation content. If you would like to begin to meditate, or to develop your practice, the Meditation Bundles will be perfect. If you want to calm and sooothe your mind, the Elements of Relaxation audios are for you. And if you are interested in the Chakra System, or want to work on a powerful manifestation practice, the Chakra Manifesting Workshop is not to be missed.

Most of the content is accompanied by comprehensive PDF notes of the theory and techniques. All downloads are instantly accessible after purchase.


For the whole of August I am offering the on-demand content for a reduced price. Check out the bargains below! Offers end on Wednesday 31st August 2022.

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Introduction to Meditation Bundle

This bundle is ideal for beginners. It starts with two introductory techniques that are a great preparation for meditation. The following three practices are beautifully simple ways to get to grips with the process of mindfulness. There are 5 audio recordings and comprehensive PDF Notes for each technique.

Sale Price – £29  (Usual price – £39)

One hour and 5 minutes of recordings.

Developing Meditation Bundle

This bundle is ideal for those wishing to develop their meditation techniques. The practices get progressively more complex and progressively longer, ending with a 40 minute meditation. Over one and a half hours of content. There are 4 audio recordings and comprehensive PDF Notes for each technique.

Sale Price – £29  (Usual price – £39)

One hour and 30 minutes of recordings.

Beyond Asana Class Recordings

Yoga: Beyond Asana is a monthly online class designed for Yoga Teachers to explore content that takes us deeper into our yoga: pranayama, meditation, mantra, sanskrit and philosophy.

Each 90 minutue session includes an On-Demand video recording and a comprehensive set of PDF Notes with the practices, techniques, sanskrit and philosophy broken down. There are 7 sessions to choose from. Classes resume in the Autumn. For a breakdown of the content, click the link.

Sale Price – £10  (Usual price – £15)

Each session = approx. one hour and 30 minutes of recordings.

Chakra Manifesting Workshop

Clarifying & Manifesting your Intentions through the Chakra Paradigm.

This two Hour on-demand workshop will help you to design your goals and aspirations, then to materialise and birth them through the Chakras using imagery, intentions, mantras, mudras, breathwork and journaling. Really powerful practices! Bundle contains two video recordings and 15 page PDF.

Sale Price – £30  (Usual price – £37)

Two hours of recordings.

Sale Price – £10  (Usual price – £15)

One hour and 15 minutes of recordings.

Elements of Relaxation MP3

A set of five recorded practices based around the elements.

1. Earth Element : A guided relaxation incorporating traditional Yoga Nidra techniques, taking you through a forest visualisation. Length: 18 minutes

 2.Water Element : A long, deep, guided relaxation incorporating traditional Yoga Nidra techniques,with ‘bodies of water’ visualisations and soundscapes.  Length: 22 minutes

3. Fire Element : A short guided meditation based on the traditional candle gazing practice of Tratak.  Length: 8 minutes.

4. Air Element : This short seated meditation will ease all mental agitation and quickly transform a busy, overworked mind into a state of calm, tranquility and spaciousness.  Using the breath as a focal point, this practice is useful when you are short of time, or need a quick burst of calm.  Length: 8 minutes

5. Ether Element : This guided relaxation uses awareness of the air, of our breath, and of the space around us to create a deep sense of calm, joy and spaciousness. Length: 19 minutes

breathe. smile. love.

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