Private Yoga Tuition

to Develop your Personal Practice

in the comfort of you Own Home

or at our Barton-under-Needwood Venue

For any stage of your Yoga Journey :

Beginners – start your practice with an individualised programme

Experienced Yogis – explore deeper elements of your practice

Teachers – expand the skill base of your teaching

Why One-to-One Yoga?

Traditionally, Hatha Yoga consisted of  private sessions between the Guru (teacher) and the Student. The Guru would, through observation and experience, know what practices the Student would need to be developing, on a physical, mental and spiritual plane. The private sessions would give the student the individual attention needed to improve their practice, and also be guided in practices that were appropriate for them.

Modern Yoga arrived in the form of group classes. This fits in with our modern lifestyle, but sometimes at the cost of students not getting what they need, and teachers not being able to deliver all things equally.

Have you ever felt that you wanted to learn a specific pose or sequence in more detail,  but didn’t want to disturb the flow of the class? Have you developed an interest in taking your Yoga Practice further, and want to have a tailor-made session that you can do at home? Would you like to explore elements of Yoga that aren’t included in your group classes – meditation, pranayama, chanting, headstands?

Or are you a complete beginner who would prefer to learn some of the basics before heading into a group class?

One-to-one Yoga Sessions are the best way to adapt the multi-faceted practice of Yoga to each and every individual student.


One-to-One Yoga Sessions


FREE initial consultation by phone or video call to see if we can work together and discuss your needs.

In Your Home

First Session : 75 minutes – £60

Sessions : 60 minutes – £50


In Barton or Online

First Session : 75 minutes – £50

Sessions : 60 minutes – £40

How does a Session Work?

We will start with an in-depth discussion of your personal needs, what you want from your practice and any other relevant information. I will then plan out a session for you to do at home, based on what time of day and how much time you will have to dedicate to your practice. We will go over all the elements in the session so that you feel confident to carry them out on your own.

How often will you need to book a One-to-One Session?

That is entirely up to you. Some people like to come once a week for a personal yoga class, some like to work on their given programme for several weeks before they feel they need to come and develop what they have been doing.

How can Private Yoga Tuition help You?

Insomnia – an evening programme specifically helpful for sleep

Anxiety – every day tools to help keep calm

Backache – a strengthening programme to relieve low back pain

Low Energy – an energising yoga programme to combat exhaustion

Concentration – a mindfulness practice to help with focus

Learn a Specific Practice – headstand, shoulderstand, meditation

Rehabilitation – after injury, illness or surgery

…… and many other reasons



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