Pranayama Research

The Fourth Limb of Yoga

 A collection of articles and links relating to scientific research and studies on the Breathwork of Yoga.

This page is an ongoing collection of any research, studies, articles etc on the topic of Pranayama. Please feel free to add any more in the comments section below, and I’ll transfer them onto the main body of the page. Hari Om, Julie

Scientific Study on Pranayama

Journal of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine

Study on Pranayama & Hypertension

Advances in Integrative Medicine

Nobel Peace Prize for Physiology

How Cells sense and adapt to Oxygen availability

Neuroscientific Study

How Focused Breathing changes our Mind

Research Study

Neurophysiological link between Breathing and Attention

Stanford University Study

How Slow Breathing induces Tranquility

Research Study

Neurophysiological link between Breathing and Attention

Scientific Study on Pranayama and Brain Correlation

How different Pranayamas affect the brain

Effects of Yogic Breath Regulation

A narrative review of scientific

Effects of Bhramari Pranayama on health

A systematic review of studies

Research Article on

Savitri Rhythm


Scientific Study on

Nadi Shodhana


Bhramari and Nitric Oxide

American Journal of Respiratory Care

Bhastrika & Lung Function

International Journal of Yoga

Breathing and Metabolism

TEDTalk on How Breathing & Metabolism are Interconnected

Physiological Mechanisms behind the Effectiveness of Pranayama

Research Paper, Indian Institute of Science

Health Impacts of Yoga & Pranayama

International Journal of Preventative Medicine

Research Study on Swara Dominance & Disease

Elangovan Muthu Kumaran

Research Study on Respiratory Vagal Stimulation

Gerritsen & Band