Bringing Pranayama to Life!

TUTOR: Julie Hemmings – Senior Yoga Tutor & Trainer

6 Month Intensive Training Course

Taking you on a sequential journey of breath and Prana, from foundations of breathing to advanced Pranayama practices.

Pranayama Training Course

This Pranayama Training Course will take you through a progressive journey of exploration, theory and practice of this important Limb of Yoga. The Course is designed to lead you sequentially through stages of development for your own personal practice, as well as providing a structured programme for teaching the techniques. It includes Classical Pranayamas as set out in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, plus some contemporary practices.

The 6 day course is spread out over 6 months, with a 4 week gap between Tutor Days to give you time to learn, develop and master each Pranayama technique. The Tutor Days are a mix of theory, practice and discussion, while your home practice is a mix of practical daily Pranayama and written assessments. There will also be a monthly Consolidation Evening – an online opportunity to practice the techniques of the previous tutor day and share any experiences.

The aim of this training is to bring the practice of Pranayama to life, to give you a deep understanding of why we should include it as part of our Yoga journey, and how to work confidently and safely with the techniques. At the core of this training is an understanding of the nature of Prana – what it is, how it feels and why the practice of Pranayama is as much about Prana as it is about the breath. On completion of the training, you will be able to undertake traditional and contemporary Pranayama in your own practice, and if you are a Yoga Teacher, to integrate them into your Yoga Classes and Workshops.

I have a deep passion for the practices of the Inner Limbs of Yoga : Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation, and I hope to inspire this passion in you too.



Next Course

Unfortunately the scheduled Autumn in-person course can no longer go ahead. The studio venue that I booked has sadly folded.

In view of the current economic climate, I am considering running this training online to reduce costs. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Tutor: Julie Hemmings

Julie is a Senior YAP Tutor, an IYN Yoga Elder and BWY Tutor with over 25 years of teaching experience. She undertook the 12 month long BWY Pranayama Module with Philip Xerri in 2004, and has continued with a regular personal pranayama practice, plus consistently integrating the techniques into her regular classes and workshops. She has also been teaching the CPD Day ‘Bringing Pranayama to Life‘ for the past 5 years. In May 2019 Julie attended a 10 day Prana Vidya training course to further her understanding and experience of this vital energy.

Loving the practices and feeling a connection with yoga that I haven’t for way too long. This course is just what the Doctor ordered. Thank you so much Julie!

Nicole Collarbone Course Graduate 2019

This was such an excellent and well organised course. Though I have been practising and teaching pranayama techniques already, this course gave me a much deeper understanding and a chance to explore more techniques. Thank you, Julie, for your guidance and expert knowledge. It’s been a wonderful experience and addition to my yoga journey!”

Kiran Summan Course Graduate 2020

Course Requirements

This Training Course is open to fully qualified Yoga Teachers and interested Yoga Practitioners with over 2 years of regular yoga experience. It is a very practical course, and you will be expected to complete a daily 20 minute + pranayama practice, to ensure the safe and effective sequential progression through the techniques.

To qualify for certification of the Pranayama Training Course, you will need to:-

  • Attend 80% of the training days (5 out of 6 days). In exceptional circumstances, if a training day is missed, you may be able to attend the day on a future course if space is available, or have additional one-to-one tuition (fees apply).
  • Complete 20 minutes of Personal Practice at least 5 times per week for the duration of the Course
  • Complete a Pranayama Diary for each day of Personal Practice
  • Complete all assessments as given throughout the duration of the course by the deadlines provided.  Non-teaching attendees do not have to complete the teaching assessments.
  • Course Assessments consist of: 2 x essays, 3 x short written pieces, 2 x lesson/workshop plans (teachers only).

This course was previouly accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. I am currently transferring my teaching membership to Indepenent Yoga Network (IYN) who will shortly be accrediting this course. Details will be up once the process is completed.


Course Provision

The training course consists of:-

  • 6 full days of Senior Yoga Tutor  Contact from 11.00am to 5.30pm with an hour for lunch.
  • Online Learning Portal with additional resources and further tutor contact via the Group Forum.
  • Full Training Notes provided in comprehensive PDF format.
  • Assessment and feedback of all work submitted.
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the training.
  • A maximum of 16 participants on each course.
  • For this Training Course, I have also developed an Online Learning Portal – a password protected web page with downloads, videos, MP3s and additional resources for each session.
  • There will also be a Forum to ask questions and receive additional guidance from myself and your fellow course participants.

Not quite sure?

I’d be happy to chat with you to help you decide if this training is right for you. Please call Julie on: 07983 714848

“Just a quick email to say thank you for a great weekend of learning. I really enjoyed the start of the course and I thought your easy going manner together with a really professional set of materials and clear love for what you do set the tone for what I’m sure will be an incredible journey.”

Isabel Peralta Jimenez Current Online Training Course Participant

“This has been a wonderful process introducing us to the core concepts of pranayama. With Julie’s clear guidance and depth of knowledge, I have felt in good hands throughout the course and the opportunity to discuss, reflect and share in a group setting has really informed the learning. I have particularly taken value from learning about mudras, bandhas and the nadi system; topics that are often hinted at in modern yoga classes, but not necessarily explained in any real depth. The practical homework element has enabled us to learn experientially over the 8 month period which has been invaluable, as has the practice diary. I wish I could do it all again! I am so greatful to have had this experience which has done what I hoped it would; taken me back to the roots of what yoga is about.”

“Fantastic course that allowed me to deepen and expand the horizon of my yoga practice.”

“Thanks for the course, and your teaching. It’s been a real game changer for me” Phil Evans Course Graduate 2019


Click + to expand the full content of each session
Session 1 - Foundation Breaths

1. Theory of Pranayama

2. Mahat Yoga Pranayama – the 9 part breath

3. Physiology of Respiration

4. Theory of Prana

5. Precautions of Contra-Indications of Pranayama

6. Guidelines for a Personal Practice

7. Kaya Kriya 1

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Assessment and other writing : 6 Hours

Session 2 - Refinement & Control

1. Sama Vritti Rhythms

2. Asama Vritti Rhythms

3. Staircase/Interrupted Breath

4. Postures to encourage Mahat Yoga Pranayama

5. Prana Vayus

6.  Bandhas – Theory

7. Moola Bandha

8. Jalandhara Bandha

9. Ujjayi Pranayama

10. Slow Flow Breath with Asana

11. Grounding

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Assessment and other writing : 6 Hours

Session 3 - Nadis & Kumbhakas

1. Nadis – Theory

2. Nadi Sodhana

3. Anatomy of the Nose

4. Neti – Jala & Sutra

5. Swara – Theory

6. Balancing Swara

7. Anuloma/Viloma Ujjayi

8. Kumbhakas

9. Savitri Pranayama

10. Agni Sara Kriya

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Assessment and other writing : 6 Hours

Session 4 - Awakening Prana

1. Kapalabhati

2. Bhastrika

3. Uddiyana Bandha

4. The Dwadashanta

5. Maha Bandha



Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Assessment and other writing : 6 Hours

Session 5 - Expanding Breath Capacity

1. Panch Sahita

2. Mitahara and Lifestyle for Pranayama

3. Double Breathing/Pump Breaths

4. The Pancha Koshas

5. Ajapa Japa Meditation

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Assessment and other writing : 6 Hours

Session 6 - Transformational Pranayama

1. Doshas & Ayurveda – Theory

2. Bhramari Pranayama

3. Surya Bheda

4. Chandra Bheda

5. Pranayama in Asana : Integration

6. Cooling Breaths – Sitkari & Sheethali

7. Internal Respiration

8. Surya & Chandra practices

9. Energetic Qualities of Pranayama Practices

10. Pranayama Vinyasa Krama – Sequencing Pranayama

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Assessment and other writing : 6 Hours

Terms & Conditions

CLICK HERE to read the full Terms & Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policy, Booking Procedure and Code of Conduct. Please read these Ts & Cs before completing your application.


It is not recommended to undertake a comprehensive pranayama practice if you are a regular smoker. Deep breathing pulls the toxins from the the cigarette deeper into the lungs, and can open up the lung tissues to more damage.

breathe. smile. love.

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