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A collection of 5 Meditations and Guided Relaxations based on the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Total length of recordings: One hour and 15 minutes. There are 3 long Yoga Nidra (Relaxation) practices, a seated Meditation and a short breathwork practice. Scroll down for more details about each Element and the practice related to it.

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We are all so busy. And life seems to be getting faster. We spend our days rushing around physically, and when we do eventually become still, our minds continue to rush around, churning over all we did today, and all that we have to do tomorrow.This exhausting state leaves us with no time or energy to find stillness. And stillness is so important. It is where we find peace. It is where we find health. It is where we find ourselves.

This selection of 5 guided relaxations and meditations aims to give you that time back, and generate the stillness that will soothe, heal, de-stress and give you some precious moments to just BE.


“A grounded awareness of the Earth, and a deep connection to it, enables us to maintain perspective when all around us seems to be chaos and stress.  This deep Earth Meditation will help you to connect to your body, and to the Earth around you.”

A guided relaxation incorporating traditional Yoga Nidra techniques, taking you through a forest visualisation. Length: 18 minutes



“Water is a constantly moving entity.  It flows around every obstacle it meets with ease and grace.  The smooth flowing qualities of water can help to guide us into our own state of grace and ease.”

A long, deep, guided relaxation incorporating traditional Yoga Nidra techniques,with ‘bodies of water’ visualisations and soundscapes.  Length: 22 minutes



“There’s something magical, and ultimately really calming, about gazing into a fire or candle flame. This fire practice is going to harness the mesmerising effect of looking intently into the radiant glow of fire.”

A short guided meditation based on the traditional candle gazing practice of Tratak.  Length: 8 minutes.



“Watch your breath rise and fall. Watch your breath right to the very end as you breathe in.  Watch your breath right to the very end, as you breathe out.”

This short seated meditation will ease all mental agitation and quickly transform a busy, overworked mind into a state of calm, tranquility and spaciousness.  Using the breath as a focal point, this practice is useful when you are short of time, or need a quick burst of calm.  Length: 8 minutes



“Allow your mind to become as clear and open as the sky above you.  When a thought drifts into your mind, see it as a cloud, drifting across the vast expanse of the clear blue sky.”

This guided relaxation uses awareness of the air, of our breath, and of the space around us to create a deep sense of calm, joy and spaciousness. Length: 19 minutes

2 reviews for Elements of Relaxation MP3

  1. Laura Lenihan (verified owner)

    YOU MUST BUY THIS!!! EVERYONE SHOULD! Because EVERYONE WOULD BENEFIT from it! Julie’s voice is like silk. As soon as the tracks commence, I go into an INSTANT & DEEP RELAXATION, just because of how soothing her voice and words are. Since 2015, in attempting deep relaxation on a daily basis, I have been listening to tracks from a wide range of online sources that use similar concepts. HOWEVER… NOTHING AND NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO DELIVERING WHAT JULIE DOES WITH THIS MP3! The 5 tracks all have their own unique and wonderful way of helping me become mindful and meditative. They enable me to access a part within my mind and body that is nourished by this time out from the busyness of life. I LOVE THE PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION ELEMENTS of some of the tracks. I ALSO LOVE the BREATHING EXERCISES and VISULISATIONS that go with them – SO SIMPLE, CALMING & REVITALISING. Whether I listen to just one of the tracks, or all 5 in succession, afterwards I feel refreshed and well rested. The tracks are different lengths, so you can do a mini-relax or a longer one if you have a bit more time. IT’S CERTAINLY THE BEST £12 I’ve RECENTLY SPENT on something, by a mile! So, go on then, time to order it..! YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL DESERVE THIS TREAT!

    • Julie Hemmings (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Laura for your wonderful words. I’m so glad that you found the tracks useful. Bringing calmness and stillness is my mission in life! Best wishes, Julie x

  2. Grace George (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant! These soothing relaxations are exactly what’s needed when life is busy and demanding, both physically and emotionally. Often I just take ten minutes out during the day to do the Air relaxation and it is immensely calming. Anyone can enjoy Julie’s “Elements of Relaxation”, not just post-natal mums (I am post-natal by about 23 years!)

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