Yoga ~ Beyond Asana

A monthly online class to explore, and be inspired by, the elements of Yoga that take us beyond asana.

Pranayama Teacher Training

Beyond Asana

The practice of Yoga gives us a wealth of amazing, diverse and powerful techniques that can help us in our quest to uncover our true Self. When we step off the mat, and move beyond Asana, we discover a wealth of practices that allow us to experience breath, prana, sound, mind, thoughts, vibrations, and ultimately, stillness.

These monthly, online 90 minute sessions are designed for Yoga Teachers and Experienced Yoga Students who want to take their practice deeper. Each session will give you the opportunity to experience a broad range of techniques, to be inspired, to connect with other teachers, and engage in self-nurture.

Thanks very much for the wonderful Beyond Asana class.
I really enjoyed the meditation, the heart wave was a great touch to help to keep my focus.
I also enjoyed the questions given by the other teachers and your answers. It’s great as a teacher to know that others share similar thoughts and experiences.
The highlight for me though was the Kirtan at the end. It really lifted my spirits and energised me for the day ahead.
I’m very much looking forward to the next class.
Adrienne at Planted Wellbeing

Yoga ~ Beyond Asana Classes


The classes will be held online via Zoom every month. The dates and times will vary to allow all who wish to attend to have the opportunity. The first three sessions are:-

Saturday 22nd January 2022 9.00-10.30am

Friday 18th February 2022 7.30-9.00pm

Sunday 20th March 2022 7.30-9.00pm

Each session costs £15.00 and you will also receive a link to the recorded version plus any relevant PDFs. You can also book an event if you cannot attend in person and you will be sent the recording once it has been uploaded, plus any PDFs.

Class Content

Yoga Philosophy

The Philosophy of Yoga gives us a deep insight into the nature of our mind and how we can gain mastery over it. In these sessions we will explore various philosophical threads from a variety of classical and contemporary sources.

Julie Hemmings Divine Works


Yogic breathwork is a key preparation towards meditation, as well as offering some great benefits to our physical health, our energy levels and our mental clarity. We will explore a range of creative pranayama techniques to deepen our breath awareness.



Meditation is possibly the main technique of the traditional practice of Yoga. Each month we will explore a meditation technique from a variety of traditional and contemporary sources. An opportunity to sink into stillness and listen closely to our mind.



Mantra is energy in sound form. Sanskrit Mantras are probably one of the oldest forms of continually chanted spiritual songs. They contain a vibrational force that connects us to divine consciousness, and expands our joy and bliss.

Julie Hemmings Divine Works


Sometimes we need a little extra help, or the support of a like-minded tribe. It is my goal to create a community who have a passion for Yoga Beyond Asana. There will be space in these classes for support, connection and mentorship.


Yoga Nidra

And who doesn’t enjoy a nurturing, nourishing Yoga Nidra? For those sessions when there is exhaustion, overwhelm and a need for deep replenshiment and renewal, there will be an opportunity for a sumptuous relaxation.


breathe. smile. love.

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