Clarifying & Manifesting your Intentions through the Chakra Paradigm

Two Hour Online workshop to design your goals and aspirations for 2022, then to materialise and birth them through the Chakras using imagery, intentions, mantras, mudras, breathwork and journaling.

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The New Year always brings thoughts of planning our goals, our intentions, our wishes and aspirations for the next 12 months. Sometimes we turn our attention to improving our business, to increasing our wealth, to changing jobs. Sometimes we want to improve ourselves, our lives, our relationships.

Usually these resolutions are nothing more than wishful thinking, an idea that floats on the wind and is quickly forgotten.

There is a better, more powerful way to materialise our goals.

If we take time to clarify our intentions, to sit down and really think about them, we can formulate and design something more coherent. When we do this within the framework of Yogic Meditation and Breathwork, we can develop our capacity to create intentions with greater clarity.

Once we have cultivated clarity, we can then use the framework, or paradigm of the Chakra System to materialise, manifest and birth our intentions into reality. Using a blend of visualisation, mantras, breathwork, mudras and the inherent power and vitality of our energy centres, we generate a powerful, potent and effective formula.

The accumulated effect is more than the sum of its parts.




On Demand video recording of live workshop held over Zoom in January 2022.

Cost: £37 includes video recording & PDF Workbook

After completing your purchase, a link will be emailed with immediate access to the recording.


“This is a gorgeous workshop to do. The first part involved deciding on what your main goals are to establish your affirmation. I’m very new to the chakra system so the main part contained an explanation of these, using mudras and Bija chants (very enjoyable) and a lengthy practical session on using the different chakras to visualise, verbalise and put your enthusiasm behind the goals, as well as working out practically what steps you need to take to fulfil them. As usual, Julie’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject matter is astounding and her lovely gentle way of teaching provides the perfect mix. I loved this. I will let you know in a year’s time if I achieved my goals!!”

Claudia, Yoga Teacher

Can the Chakras really help us to manifest our intentions?

Each one of the Tantric energy centres gives us a unique psychological aspect to focus on.

When we put our full awareness to each and every facet of our mind/body/spirit complex,  it empowers us, and allows us to look at our goals, our aims, our purpose, from every angle.

This concentrated force of attention can open us up to insights, wisdom and action that may have been hidden from us. It is working with these revelations that can help to materialise our intentions into the manifest world.

Workshop Content

  • Short meditation and breathwork to clear the mind and focus your attention
  • Getting clear on your goals – drilling down on all the areas of your lives, refining and cultivating clarity
  • Defining your intention – clear, concise, definable
  • Manifesting your intention through the Chakra paradigm using Mudra, Mantra, Breathwork, Visualisation, Journaling and the power of our inherent Shakti.

Where the mind goes, energy flows……

breathe. smile. love.

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