“Yin Yoga is a delicious counterpose to the more active styles of Yoga. But more than that, it is a counterpose to the fast pace of modern life. It offers a space for stillness, for slowing down, for sinking into inner silence.”

Julie Hemmings 2018


Yin Yoga was developed in the 1990s by Paul Grilley, an American Yoga Teacher who blended the disciplines of Martial Arts, Anatomy and Merdian Theory.


Yin Yoga classes are slow paced and have a meditative quality to them. The poses are held for a long time, sometimes up to 10 minutes, and are all done either seated or lying down. The poses mainly target the hips and the lower back. This slow, meditative style leaves you feeling calm and centred.

This style of yoga works predominantly on the connective tissues of the body – the fascia, the tendons and the ligaments. Gentle stresses on these tissues can enhance the flexibility of our joints.

In addition, specific meridians (energy channels) are worked on.

My own personal style of Yin Yoga interweaves Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy and Stories, to while away the time during the long holds!

I have been honoured to work with both Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, the main founders of the Yin style.


Day : Wednesdays

Time : 7.00-8.00pm

Venue : Douglas Room (upstairs) Barton Village Hall, Crowberry Lane, Barton under Needwood, DE13 8AF

Cost : £7.50 Drop In or £35 for 5 class pass

Yin Yang Yoga Workshop

breathe. smile. love.


Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, UK

t:  01283 712434

m: 07983 714848

e:  julie@divineworks.co.uk


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