Introduction to Meditation Bundle


Introduction to Meditation Bundle

Ideal for Beginners to learn the art of meditation.



This bundle is ideal for beginners. It starts with two introductory techniques that are a great preparation for meditation. The following three practices are beautifully simple ways to get to grips with the process of mindfulness. An hour and 5 minutes of recorded content.

1.  Kaya Sthairyam – Body Stillness :  Developing physical stillness as a preparation for longer meditations. (13 minutes)

2.  Body Awareness Meditation : Concentration on the physical sensations of the body, developing subtlety. (17 minutes)

3.  Breath Awareness Meditation : Cultivating stillness of the breath using Ujjayi Breath and developing still points. (17 minutes)

4.  Mindfulness of Breathing I : Cultivating focus and concentration using breath counting (10 minutes)

5.  Mindfulness of Breathing II : Cultivating focus and concentration using alternative breath counting (7 minutes)

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